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Branding in the digital age

Social PR can help learn about your customer

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Social media makes it more important than ever to get the branding fundamentals right. Here’s a great testament of how successful Virgin Atlantic’s Facebook page is true to its brand values. The most read section of the Facebook page includes tips from crew members: communication that comes across as honest, caring and informal.

Companies that succeed on the social scene only revise the marketing playbook and do not look to rewrite it. While exploiting social media opportunities they keep focused on meeting customers’ needs.

Here are 4 basics brands should be delivering on social media:

. Offering and communicating a clear customer promise

. Building trust by delivering on it

. Continually improve on the promise

. Innovating beyond the familiar

Also, companies should focus on gaining customer insights rather than trying to sell. It is the best way to capitalize on the media’s speed and reach while protecting the brand’s reputation.

And it is always good to remember that the holy grail of social media (engagement) revolves around conversations that are usually unstructured and moderated by the participants themselves. People join in freely because they enjoy and learn from the discussion. Your company can to some extent influence the conversation but only if you are accepted by the other participants. Needless to say, the people executing the social media strategy should be at home with the social media culture as well as possessing a great knowledge of the brand values.

- Gaven Dumont

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